That Which Flows By: A Journey into the Heart of Korean Manhwa

That Which Flows By is a manhwa a South Korean comic. The story revolves around Dani a Jurchen girl General Gyeol Seo saves during a bandit attack. She finds herself serving tea in his house in Hanyang. Still, she must conceal her true identity and pretend to be from Joseon due to rumours that General Gyeol Seo slaughters Jurchen people without discrimination. This historical drama unfolds amidst tension identity crisis and survival. The author Eunbi Lee and the artist known as Soft Corn created the Manhwa and it has been engaging readers with its blend of drama romance and historical themes.

That Which Flows By: A Journey into the Heart of Korean Manhwa
That Which Flows By: A Journey into the Heart of Korean Manhwa

An Intriguing Tale of Survival and Identity

“That Which Flows By” is not just a manhwa. It is a gripping tale that transports readers back in time blending historical drama with intense emotional narratives. Set against the backdrop of the Joseon Dynasty this Manhwa tells the story of Dani a Jurchen girl whose life takes an unexpected turn after a bandit attack. The story’s heart lies in Dani’s struggle to conceal her identity in a politically tense environment, making every moment a balancing act between survival and discovery.

The Creative Minds Behind the Scenes

The genius behind this captivating series is the duo of author Eunbi Lee and artist Soft Corn. Eunbi Lee’s storytelling prowess weaves a rich intricate narrative, while Soft Corn’s artistic skills bring the characters and the historical setting to life. Their collaboration has resulted in a manhwa that is as visually appealing as it is narratively compelling.

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A Deep Dive into the Historical Context

One of the most fascinating aspects of “That Which Flows By” is its historical setting. The story is deeply rooted in the cultural and political landscape of the Joseon era, providing readers with a unique glimpse into a significant period in Korean history. This backdrop is a setting and a character, influencing the protagonists’ events and decisions.

The Complexity of Characters

The Manhwa shines a light on its diverse characters, each bringing depth and complexity to the story. Dani is exceptionally well-crafted as the central character, portraying the struggles of identity and the will to survive in a hostile world. Her interactions with General Gyeol Seo, a man haunted by his past and surrounded by enemies, add tension and intrigue to the plot.

Themes of Identity, Survival, and Belonging

“That Which Flows By” explores themes that resonate with readers beyond its historical context. It’s a story about identity, survival, and the search for belonging in an often unforgiving and brutal world. These universal themes are what make the Manhwa relatable and its characters memorable.

Why “That Which Flows By” Stands Out

In a sea of manhwa titles, “That Which Flows By” stands out for its unique historical authenticity and emotional depth blend. It’s not just a historical narrative; it’s a story about human resilience and the complexities of the human heart. The artistry in its visuals and the eloquence in its storytelling make it a must-read for fans of the genre.

The Historical Backdrop of Joseon

“That Which Flows By” is set in the Joseon Dynasty, a crucial period in Korean history. The Manhwa does an exemplary job of portraying the era’s social and political nuances, making it a source of entertainment and a rich educational experience.

Exploring Universal Themes

Beyond its historical narrative, “That Which Flows By” delves into themes of identity, survival, and the search for belonging. These themes are universally relatable, allowing readers from all backgrounds to connect deeply with the story and its characters.

Audience Engagement and Reception

The Manhwa has received widespread acclaim from its readership for its engaging narrative and stunning artwork. Fans often discuss the story’s emotional impact and the way it gracefully handles complex themes, making it a beloved addition to many readers’ collections.

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The Making of a Manhwa

Creating a manhwa like “That Which Flows By” is a labour of love and creativity. This section delves into the process behind manhwa creation, from the initial concept to the final product, highlighting the collaborative efforts of the writer and the artist.

Cultural Impact on the Manhwa Industry

“That Which Flows By” has significantly impacted the manhwa industry. Its success has drawn attention to the historical genre and inspired a new wave of creators who aspire to blend historical accuracy with compelling storytelling.

Future Adaptations and Spin-Offs

There is potential for “That Which Flows By” to expand beyond the pages of the Manhwa. This section explores the possibilities of adaptations into other mediums, such as animation or drama, which could bring the story to an even wider audience.

Recommendations for Manhwa Enthusiasts

For fans of “That Which Flows By,” this section suggests other manhwas that offer a similar blend of historical depth, rich storytelling, and intricate artwork. It serves as a guide for readers looking to explore more in the genre.


In conclusion, “That Which Flows By” is more than just a manhwa; it’s a cultural artefact that embodies the essence of a historical era and the universal nature of human emotions. Its legacy lies in how it resonates with readers, impacting the manhwa industry and its audience.


What makes “That Which Flows By” stand out in Manhwa?

“That Which Flows By” really shines due to its unique blend of historical setting and deep emotional storytelling. It’s not just about the events of the Joseon Dynasty; it’s about how these events impact the lives of relatable characters. The art is stunning, too, making each scene a visual delight.

Can you tell me more about the main characters of the Manhwa?

Of course! The story revolves around Dani, a Jurchen girl with a strong spirit, and General Gyeol Seo, a complex character marked by his past. 

 How accurate is the historical portrayal in “That Which Flows By”?

It’s pretty impressive! The creators have done a great job weaving historical details into the story. They balance historical accuracy and the fictional narrative, making it educational and entertaining. It’s like a vivid history lesson wrapped in a compelling story.

What themes does the Manhwa explore?

 “That Which Flows By” explores several profound themes like identity, the struggle for survival, and the quest for belonging.

Is “That Which Flows By” suitable for all ages?

It’s best suited for young adults and older readers. The Manhwa delves into some complex, intense themes and historical contexts for younger readers. Plus, the story’s emotional depth is something that older audiences would appreciate more fully.

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