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Every person is an artist, painting the canvas of their life with decisions and experiences. And while there might be critics aplenty, there’s no denying that my life, my rules, my style, my attitude is the brush that paints those strokes. So, hold on tight as we take a rollercoaster ride through life’s ups and downs, all while keeping our signature style intact!

My Life, My Rules, My Style, My Attitude
My Life, My Rules, My Style, My Attitude

Breaking the Mold

Do you know those round pegs that never fit into square holes? That’s us! Going against the grain might be tough, but that’s what makes our stories worth telling. After all, my life, my rules, my style, my attitude!

The “One Size Fits All” Myth

Fashion designers keep telling us that there’s a perfect size for everyone. Nonsense! Life isn’t any different. We’re all unique, and trying to fit into someone else’s box? Not our style.

The Real Runway

Life is not about walking the red carpet (unless you’re a Hollywood star, of course!). It’s about strutting with confidence in the supermarket aisle or at the local park. Why? Because my life, my rules, my style, my attitude.

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Handling Criticism with Humor

“Why are you wearing that? Why did you make that choice?” Some folks will always have something to say. Our response? A chuckle and a nod. Our mantra reminds us to stay true to ourselves.

Sometimes, It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

Bad hair days, missed buses, burnt toast. Life has its downs. But guess what? We roll with the punches because our attitude dictates our altitude.

The Ever-Evolving Style Statement

Life is about change, from bell-bottoms to skinny jeans and from vinyl to streaming. Adapting doesn’t mean compromising. Remember, my life, my rules, my style, my attitude.

The Perfect Playlist

My Life, My Rules, My Style, My Attitude
Unlocking the Rhythm of Life: The Perfect Playlist


Music can define our mood, and our choices define us. Whether it’s rock, jazz, or a bit of country, our life’s playlist is as diverse as our choices.

Making Our Luck

Some believe in fate. We believe in making our luck. After all, a four-leaf clover might bring good luck, but planting and nurturing it makes for a fantastic garden.

Learning and Growing

No matter how firm we are about our rules and style, learning never goes out of fashion. Because even though it’s my life, my rules, my style, my attitude, there’s always room for a bit of wisdom.

The Legacy We Leave

Beyond our Instagram feeds and Twitter threads, our true legacy is the mark we leave on the world and the people around us. And that, my friend, is defined by our actions, style, and attitude.


Can one’s style and attitude change over time?

Absolutely! Just like seasons, our style and attitude evolve. But the core belief of my life, my rules, my style, and my attitude remains intact.

Isn’t it selfish to always follow one’s own rules? 

There’s a difference between being true to oneself and being inconsiderate. Our mantra is about personal authenticity, not disregarding others.

How can one handle people who don’t understand their style or attitude?

With a smile, understanding, and sometimes, a sprinkle of humor. After all, diversity makes the world beautiful.


Navigating through life, each of us has a compass. And for some of us, that compass points towards a mantra: my life, my rules, my style, my attitude. While the journey isn’t always smooth, with a dash of humor, a dollop of self-belief, and a generous sprinkling of style, we can face any challenge head-on. Remember, it’s not about fitting into the world but letting the world fit into our unique mold. Happy journeying!


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